Geospiza Support
Geospiza provides general assistance to customers regarding operation of the GeneSifter Analysis Edition and GeneSifter Lab Edition software. Assistance is provided through the Geospiza Support Desk and includes technical and system operations support, and access to technical documentation. Access to the Support Desk is provided via phone or email. Technical Support Services may not apply to issues related to installation of software patches, updates and upgrades.

GeneSifter integrates powerful data management tools with analysis options that enable scientists to determine both the statistical and biological significance of microarray data, all in a convenient Web-based system. Support for common platforms (Affymetrix, Illumina, Agilent, CodeLink, etc.) as well as custom arrays, makes Web-based GeneSifter the most effective and accessible genetic data analysis system available today.

Support Desk Availability
Our Contact information has moved. Please see the following page for availability and contact options:

Phone support is not provided for FinchTV users. If you need help with FinchTV please contact us via the web form listed on the updated Contact page above.

Online help
While logged into GeneSifter, you can access page-specific help by clicking on the help icon in the upper right corner of most pages.

Having trouble finding the login page for GeneSifter Analysis Edition?

1. Go to the login page:

2. Enter your username

3. Enter your password.

Just let our support team or your account manager know if we can be helpful in any way.

If you are trying to log in to a GeneSifter Lab Edition account, please contact your core lab or GeneSifter Support for assistance.

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