About Geospiza

Geospiza is a leading developer of enterprise-class software systems for workflow management of genetic analysis.

Geospiza has established itself as the life science industry’s top software developer for meeting the combined laboratory, data management and analytical needs of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, universities, researchers, contract core and diagnostic laboratories involved in genetic testing and manufacturing bio-therapeutics.

The life sciences field is rapidly evolving beyond sequencing genomes for pure research to developing clinically relevant initiatives such as understanding what genetic information is useful for drug development, determining drug efficacy, toxicity screening and diagnosing infectious agents.

This expansion of the field is resulting in a dramatic increase in the amount of data that must be managed by genetic testing laboratories and research institutions. Underscoring this growth is the desire by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the broader healthcare community to match drugs more specifically to a person's individual genetic profile. The FDA is expected to focus on the sensitivity and accuracy of these new diagnostics, thereby increasing the need for verifiable, repeatable processes for testing.

Today, the amount of manual work required to manage and make sense of the vast amounts of genetic information being generated by clinical and life science research laboratories worldwide is tremendous. In order to be able to scale to meet this increased demand and scrutiny in a cost-effective way, automated solutions are required.

Geospiza makes software for crunching the vast amounts of genetic data. When a laboratory uses GeneSifter Lab Edition, they are able to significantly increase capacity, reduce their backlog, eliminate errors due to manual processes, and speed time to discovery. The software is being used today worldwide by leading institutions and laboratories for everything from clinical DNA testing and bio-therapeutic manufacturing to contract core lab services and basic research and discovery.

Geospiza's products are designed and built by biologists, enabling researchers to focus on the science, not the software.

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